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New recordings coming soon!
- September 12, 2010

Foxfire are currently recording some new tunes for your listening pleasure, as are Tom Foolery & Miss Chiff. Keep an eye (and an ear!) out for new songs in the near future...

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Rastafüt recordings released!
- September 11, 2010

Sludge Hammer Records has released pretty much everything that Rastafüt ever recorded, in The Compleat Rastafüt (SHR10-005). Featuring virtually every song recorded in all four recording sessions throughout 1992, this disc has 18 tracks spanning the entire gamut.

Disconnected and disparate lyrics, wild and illogical musical mood swings, naïve performances, yes...there's some of that. They were seventeen years old, and between the two of them (Chris Fields and Stephen Carrington), Chris was the only one that really knew how to play. But in these songs you can hear an originality and a distinct creativity that is difficult to categorize, and quite ambitious. Give it a listen in the Rastafüt Music section; read more about Rastafüt on their Info page; and form your own opinion.

Then buy the CD in the Rastafüt Merch section.

Stephen Carrington back catalog now available on CD!!
- June 15, 2010

Sludge Hammer Records has released a collection of material Stephen Carrington recorded years ago on his 8-track cassette recorder, along with other odds and ends, most of which were recorded with Stephen playing all instruments. Lots of strangeness, lots of silliness, and some rockin' and awfully inventive stuff, too.

Now Available:

Does Not Play Well With Others, Volume One: The College Years, Part 1 (SHR10-001)
Does Not Play Well With Others, Volume Two: The College Years, Part 2 (SHR10-002)

...and the album of cover songs:

Stephen Carrington Sings Your Favorites! (SHR10-004)

Buy the CDs in the Stephen Carrington Merch section, only $5 each (plus S&H)!

Now available: Split 7-inch with The PB Army & Foxfire
- September 16, 2009

Get ready for two new tracks from Toledo, Ohio's own PB Army, a brand new song called "Angelita Medusa" as well as an ass-kickin' cover of Devo's "Gates Of Steel." But wait, there's more! You also get two Foxfire songs, "Daddy's A Rock Star" and "Evil" (both from their debut album Early Rising, but these are mastered for vinyl by Rodney Mills)! And to top it all off, this is a special limited-edition run on color-splash get yours today! Get them at Foxfire and PB Army shows, or in the Foxfire Merch section of this website, or on either of the bands' website. Only $5 (plus shipping)!!

Or save on shipping-come see both bands at Lenny's Bar in Atlanta GA on Thursday 24 September 2009 and pick up your copy!

Foxfire's debut album Early Rising now available!
- May 15, 2008

Foxfire's debut offering, Early Rising, is now available for purchase on CD, or digitally via download! Get your copy at shows, from our website, or from CDBaby, Amazon, iTunes, or your local record store...if they don't carry it, ask them to order it!

Featuring 11 tracks that will rock your socks off, Early Rising was recorded at The Bakery in Athens, GA. Produced by Foxfire; engineered by Joel Hatstat; mixed by Foxfire with Joel Hatstat. Mastered by Rodney Mills.


  • Snake
  • Tuff
  • Bottle Rocket
  • Daddy's A Rock Star
  • Evil
  • God Honey
  • Haggard
  • Is It A Crime?
  • Motor Speedway
  • Wicked
  • Maybe

To celebrate the occasion, Foxfire will be performing at CD release parties to be held in Chattanooga TN (on Friday the 13th of June 2008, at Ziggy's; see the flyer here), and in Atlanta GA (on the Summer Solstice, Friday 20 June 2008, at the Red Light Cafe; see the flyer here).