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About Sludge Hammer Records

Sludge Hammer Records was created by Stephen Carrington in 2008, to release the first Foxfire full-length CD, Early Rising. It is now an outlet for several projects, and all songs by all artists are always available on this website for FREE download (see below for important information about the free downloads). Sludge Hammer Records is artist-owned and artist-operated.

The Sludge Hammer Records philosophy is simple: put everything into the music, and focus on the creation and production phases (we do everything in-house, from start to finish); and then when the music is completed, we then put everything into getting that music out to an unsuspecting public. After many years in the music scene, we came to see pressing music on discs and then selling them to be an obstacle to that philosophy, so we decided to primarily release music for free download. We’ll probably always have merch for sale, if you really want to buy something, but that won’t be our focus. So please, make yourself at home, and download as much as you want. Enjoy!

While we pride ourselves on making all of our music available for free download (see below to learn more about our free downloads)—and even though the free downloads are hi-res, 320kbps mp3 format—there's still something about having a tangible, physical product, complete with graphics, text, etc. To that end, we have some vinyl and CD's, as well as t-shirts, hats, posters, etc. for sale in most artists' Merch section. We'll also throw in stickers and buttons and other little odds and ends with every order placed through the website. If a purchased CD or record contains a track (or tracks) that is the same as a track available for free download (same song, same artist, same version), rest assured that the disc or record contains the highest quality audio track there is; the mp3 of the same song, while high quality in and of itself—and perfect for portable music players—unfortunately will not be able to reach quite as high a sonic standard as the same track you would get on a CD or a vinyl record. So you have options.

Boring Legal Stuff - Free Download Info, Money-Back Guarantee, etc.

Free Download Info

All songs by Sludge Hammer Records artists that are posted on the Sludge Hammer website are always available for free download, anytime. For now and the foreseeable future, pretty much all new material from all artists will be posted for free download as soon as it is completed. These songs are yours for free, forever, to listen to on all of your own equipment (meaning you can burn them onto discs to listen to on home or portable equipment, transfer them to an iPod or other mp3 player, record them to cassettes and listen to them on your old Walkman, or whatever), on these conditions:

  • First, you are not allowed to sell, give away, or in any way distribute any medium that you put these songs on. If you have a friend that wants a copy, please just direct them to our website where they can download them for free.
  • Second, these songs are still the property of their owners (the writers, and/or the label); you are merely being allowed to freely download a copy of them, and that copy still has very specific restrictions on it. You do not have any further rights regarding these downloads beyond your own personal listening pleasure.
  • Third, you may not use any song or songs downloaded from this website, or any song that is or ever was available for download on this or any other Sludge Hammer Records website, in whole or in (any size) part, for any commercial purpose whatsoever, without express written consent from Sludge Hammer Records. There will never be any profit to be made, except possibly to Sludge Hammer Records or the artist at their discretion, from any song file that is ever made available for free download on this website, and most certainly not to any person, persons, entity, or entities that download any such song from this or any other Sludge Hammer Records website (or any affiliated site), or from any site that ultimately obtained said download from this site, no matter how indirectly. Even if profit is not part of the equation, you are still not allowed to make any use of these downloads other than for your own personal listening enjoyment.
  • Lastly, your downloading of any or all of the songs on this website, complete or in part (regardless of whether you download them from this site or from another site, or however you get them), constitutes specific, express consent to these restrictions, complete acknowledgment thereof, and agreement to abide by them fully and without challenge.

If you disagree with any of these conditions, you are automatically and expressly denied permission to download any of these songs. All rights, for all songs posted on this site (now, previously, and in the future), are always reserved to Sludge Hammer Records, as well as to any artist that has ownership in any given song. We reserve the right to limit, restrict, or discontinue—permanently or temporarily—the Free Download program, without notice or obligation, for any reason.

Money-Back Guarantee

Sludge Hammer wants you to enjoy any and all of the merch and the music that you buy from us. No, we want you to absolutely LOVE it. If you ever buy an item—any item—from us, either online or at a show, or from any store (either online or physical), whether it be a shirt or CD or hat or record or sticker or button, or ANYTHING...and it doesn't live up to your expectations, for any reason, PLEASE contact us and we will send you a replacement or issue a full refund (minus any shipping cost that you paid), whichever you prefer. While we will not make the refund/replacement dependent upon your reason for the return, we would appreciate if you would let us know why you are returning it. We also ask that you make your decision to return the item within 90 days of the date you purchased it. We want you, our loyal, loving listener, to be absolutely THRILLED with anything and everything you get from us, so let us know if there's anything we can do to reach that goal (especially if there is a product—either a style or size shirt that you like, or an idea you have for a poster or sticker or whatever—any product at all that you would like to see us make available for sale). Thanks for listening, and rock ON!!!

Purchasing Online

When we say on this website that a particular link will allow you to purchase something from us online (or to make an online donation to us), that link goes to a secure payment window operated by PayPal. Your purchase will be absolutely secure and guaranteed by PayPal, and we will never even see your credit card info (and don't worry—if there's ever a problem with a PayPal transaction involving Sludge Hammer stuff, and PayPal won't take care of you...then we'll make it right). Usually (under normal circumstances), within 2 business bays of the payment clearing into our PayPal account, we will ship your item to your confirmed PayPal address, and we will most likely ship via US Mail. Your delivery time will vary depending on many factors, including your location, what time of year it is, etc., but if you are located in the continental U. S. you should most likely receive your item within about 5-6 business days of the date your PayPal payment clears into our PayPal account (so if you make an instant payment on PayPal, you should receive your item within about a week or so). If you don't receive it in that time period, PLEASE get in touch with us and we will do everything we can to make sure that you receive your item and that you are HAPPY. Also, expect to find some freebies and other extra goodies in the package when you order something online and pay through PayPal (because we LOVE you!!).

Outside Sales Info

There are still some outside places (i.e., sellers other than Sludge Hammer Records) where you can purchase a CD or digital tracks from Sludge Hammer artists (iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, etc.), and there are also outside places like where you can buy Foxfire merchandise. Those sites are operated by the owners of those websites, HOWEVER, we of course want you to be happy and satisfied no matter where you get our CD's or downloads (or any other merch) if you have any problems with an actual physical CD, no matter where you got it, PLEASE contact us first and we will fix it fastest. If you have any problems with any purchased digital downloads (or any Foxfire merch purchase from, please contact the seller first and let us know if they don't resolve it to your satisfaction (because if they don't, we definitely will).

Privacy Policy

Sludge Hammer Records only wants your email address so that we can put you on our email mailing list, to which we will occasionally send news, special offers, and of course notifications whenever new (free!) downloads are available. We'll never, ever, EVER, sell, rent, loan, trade, or in any other way provide for any reason, ANY of your personal info, to ANYONE (with the sole exception of Johnny Law, and only in accordance with The Law), EVER. And we do mean EVER. EVAR. Any and all of your personal info is always completely safe with us.

Thanks for listening, and please: Tell your friends about Sludge Hammer Records!