Stephen Carrington on bass
(Photo by Barbara Fara)
Nearly 50 cubic feet of bass amplification...lower than the lowest lows...pure subsonic power.
When you go to a Foxfire show, their mammoth, 1,000-watt "wall of bass" will knock the wind out of you...and Stephen has the chops and experience that make you come back for more! In addition to the notable Atlanta bands that he's played with (see here for the complete list), Stephen has also been on the bill with Nebula, Raging Slab, Spirit Caravan, Fireball Ministry, Bottom, Zoroaster, Music Hates You, Dixie Witch, Throttlerod, and Super Heavy Goat Ass (among many others); he was a guest bassist on Grammy-winner Killer Mike's debut CD on Sony Records, Monster; and if that's not enough, he's also spent time in the company of Atlanta's own self-proclaimed "King", rapper Clifford "T. I." Harris.
How's that for street cred?

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