Foxfire at the Earl
(Photo by Barbara Fara)

Foxfire ROCKS!

Rachel and Kris started playing together in 2004, and then Stephen joined in 2006. All three have been friends for a while, and with the rhythm section married to each other, you know you get a special kind of chemistry...

Taking influences from every corner of rock music, and cooking them down to a straightforward and distinct style that is at the same time familiar and unique, Foxfire's raw sound is perfectly complemented by their gritty lyrics and soulful vocals. Kris and Rachel have been involved in the Atlanta music scene for many years, but this is the first performing band for each of them. Stephen has played with several notable Atlanta bands, including Pickman's Model, Plaster, Qualone, and Telestrion.

Recommended if you like: Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Betty Blowtorch, Blue Cheer, L7, The Donnas, Nebula, Budgie, Fu Manchu, and just plain old heavy rock 'n roll.

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Foxfire performing at Riverwood High School
Foxfire performing at Riverwood High School, Sandy Springs GA